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About our adventure

Billygoats & Raincoats is a unisex brand based in Wales creating quality rain wear from recycled tent materials.


Beth Cosmos established the brand after noticing the massive number of tents left behind at festivals.


Billygoats & Raincoats is set to launch a collection of fun adult rain wear; but for now, our début collection consists of two kids raincoats.


The designs are playful and geometric because we’re still just kids, playing with shapes and having fun with primary colours.


We love bringing splashes of colour and fun to the everyday.


We have no plans to grow up any time soon


Rainy days are our play days!

Billygoats & Raincoats are committed to ethical sustainability.


All our products are designed and produced in the UK.


We only use tents which are destined for landfill.


Our company is a zero waste initiative. We currently reuse every part of the tents we recover.


Billygoats & Raincoats work with UK Music festivals to reduce plastic waste and promote recycling.